Friday, September 5, 2008

On The Move!

Mason is becoming more mobile by the day, here's what Mason is up to these days. Playing in the cool water, going to BYU football games, and walking, HOORAY FOR MASON!!!



Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

Oh My GOSH! My favorite nephew is walking and way to give yourself a round of applause buddy! We miss you guys!

Jill said...

I am so excited you guys decided to get on the blog train! :) Mason is such a cutie, we totally need to get the kiddos together soon! What happened to our monthly get togethers? We must have all fallen off of that train. :) Congrats to Mason on his adventure of walking! What a cutie!

Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

K-Loving the Mason Jennings. Miss you guys!

Jordan said...

Hey what's up? I just wanted to say that I'm likin your blog and seein Mason and the videos. It was great to see you three this last weekend. Nick you should check out my blog. It's I've been workin on your old CR. The was probably old but it hadn't corroded at all or built up any junk in your carb so lucky for you!

Adrienne said...

Dear Mason,
You are so cute. Can you come play?
Kate & Kiara

One Day At A Time said...

Hey Nick and Meg! I haven't talked to you guys since forever and a day! I just made a blog so if you guys want to view it it's luv and miss u guys! ♥